Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral lenses are large-diameter rigid gas permeable contact lenses that rest on the “white” part of the eye called the sclera. The lenses are designed larger to vault over the cornea and create a layer of tears between the contact lens and cornea creating clear and comfortable vision. In doing so, scleral lenses functionally replace the irregular cornea with a perfectly smooth surface. This in turn corrects vision problems caused by cornea disorders and irregularities. Imagine it as a large bandage over the ocular surface.These lenses are considered specialty lenses as the design and fit process is more complex than typical soft contact lenses.

Patients who may benefit from these specific lenses may have keratoconus, high amounts of astigmatism, past corneal surgeries, severe dry eye syndrome, corneal ectasia, neurotrophic keratitis and many other conditions.

These lenses are designed to be worn during the day time and removed nightly. They are removed using the fingers or a small lens plunger. And unlike regular contact lenses, scleral lenses can be used for long periods of time and can even be stored dry for a long duration.

Although the scleral contact lenses lenses are large, they are very comfortable and provide clearer vision to those patients than standard lenses. These specialty contact lenses are a great alternative for those that have not been successful with other conventional vision aids. Scleral contact lenses are custom-made for every patient, so fitting them takes expertise, time, and some patience from the wearer.

If you have any of these conditions or would like more information regarding these lenses please feel free to contact our office.